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Bill Mortimore has 30+ years of experience as a business development and operations executive, executive recruiter, and career coach. He created national and international organizations for six information technology firms over his career and founded two small businesses.

Mortimore is the Founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Customer Solutions, LLC, an executive transition and advisory services firm he created in 2009.  Through his company, he provides services to top leaders and senior and early career professionals. He offers a personalized, hands-on approach using a proven structured methodology to make a career move timely, appropriate, and financially rewarding.

Mortimore studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho, Business Administration at Clark College, and earned an Executive MBA degree from the University of Denver (DU).  He is active as an Executive Mentor to graduate students of the Daniels College of Business at DU, and he is a former member of the Executive MBA alumni advisory board.  Mortimore is currently President of the Strategic Trusted Advisors Round Table, an organization dedicated to promoting high standards of professionalism and ethics to the consulting industry.  He is an 8½-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he worked with Navy and Marine pilots in the advanced phase of flight training and electronic warfare training.

Bill enjoys the Colorado outdoor lifestyle with his wife of 51 years, daughter, two sons, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandson.  He actively follows new developments in science and technology and enjoys networking with other business owners and professionals.


I was fortunate to have had Bill recommended to me by a close professional peer. For anyone looking to refresh your professional portfolio, hands down, Bill is the guy to help you navigate through the process. He is spot on in helping identify your value to the business world. He asks all the right questions and masterfully helps pull it all together and package it in a way that highlights what you have to offer. Whether you are actively looking to make a change or just exploring, you will be extremely pleased with Bill. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone asking for a recommendation. – Kevin M., Director

I highly recommend Bill if you’re looking for help with updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. His guidance was invaluable and helped me identify and build my goals for the next step in my job search. His resume format is professional and concise and sure to attract the attention of recruiters – Allison B., Managing Director

While working with Bill, I found him to be very professional. He is patient while getting to know you and your goals in your professional life to move forward. Bill was recommended to me by a trusted friend and I was treated with kid gloves! I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a change. – Susan B., Loan Advisor

I highly recommend Bill if you are looking for a path to executive, a career change, or need a career “tune-up”. I began my journey with Bill on a recommendation from a friend and former client of Bill. We met together over lunch, shared our experiences, and decided to work together. He helped me with guidance, questions, and clear goals. He also encouraged and provided real-world opportunities to work on my skills. I found the journey with Bill transformational. I left with a great resume, a 30-second elevator pitch, and a new perspective. I think back fondly on our conversations and even today as I tailor my resume for the next step in my career. Thanks, Bill! – Jim R. (PhD), Product Portfolio Mgr.

Bill Mortimore is a fantastic life coach and will help you to build the best resume by including you in the whole process. He has the ability to show you the value of your skills and who you are. Working with Bill was the most positive experience I have ever had. If you need a resume, working with Bill will not only give you the best resume, you will learn skills to get the job you desire and the pay you deserve. I have recommended him to all my family and friends. Two of my friends reached out to Bill and they thank me every day. They’re successfully employed and in jobs that they are truly happy to have. There is no doubt he is the right one to help you grow in your current job or to take that leap of faith to move on to a new career path. – Kathleen E., Mortgage Loan Officer

I was looking for the next step in my career, returning from an overseas assignment back to the US. Bill did a fantastic job helping me reflect and identify what I am looking for. He supported me from the initial ideation all the way to interviewing and getting 3 offers to choose from. I highly recommend Bill to anyone looking for a career change. – Ute M., Sr. VP Cyber & Intelligence Solutions

Bill is a great listener, advisor, and friend. He went above and beyond my expectations. I strongly recommend him to help with any of your career pursuits and developments. – Phin S., Sustainability PM

It is a pleasure to be able to write this on behalf of Bill. After recently moving to Denver, I felt I was a little awash in my career. My search for a Sr/Executive level position was coming up with relatively unsuccessful outcomes. A little self-analysis made me realize that there was a lot of help I needed. In comes Bill Mortimore. The reality is that Bill has an extensive background in both recruiting as well as executive management. He knows what to do as a job searcher as well as what hiring managers are looking for and works specifically with you to make sure your own personal brand fulfills both sides. Additionally, Bill has you assess yourself (sometimes painfully…but what honest self-assessment isn’t) to very positive outcomes. His help aligned me, my qualifications, and my abilities with what companies are looking for. Not only that, he was able to help me lay bare my weaknesses and attack them directly. His delivery is professional and friendly, which makes conversations disarming and easy to roll through. I can’t say enough good things about Bill and would recommend him to absolutely anyone that is looking to pull themselves out of a rut, advance their career, or better themselves. – Ron B. (MBA), Director of Services

Bill was instrumental in my recent career transition. I have been very fortunate throughout my career and have not been required to work hard to find meaningful and fulfilling work, so I didn’t know where or how to start when the need occurred. Bill supported me through the entire process. He began by helping me define career goals, pushing me to articulate my strengths, talents, and weaknesses and identify desired job attributes. My resume had not been updated in over 12 years, and with Bill’s guidance, I created a personal brand, a fresh resume, and a solid Linkedin profile. Bill also has a wealth of knowledge on local and national companies and is very well connected. He drew on that knowledge and those connections to help identify opportunities and network with influencers within those companies. Next, he thoroughly prepared me for interviews by asking challenging questions, relentless role-playing, and pushing for clear and concise communication. Once I received job offers, he reviewed them and provided his advice on suggested changes and negotiation strategies. Moreover, as a final step, Bill provided insight and guidance on a successful onboarding process, ensuring I hit the ground running and provided immediate value in my new role.

Throughout this process, Bill was supportive and always responsive. He used a straightforward process and created an overall timeline aligned with my goals, including shorter-term actions and deadlines to keep us on track. Thank you, Bill, for all of your help and support! – Jamie VF, Manager, Programs and Resources

I really enjoyed working with Bill throughout a recent career transition. Bill is decidedly different in how he works with his clients, both in the development and cultivation of their relationships and the quality of his advice, coaching, and input. There are a number of qualities that set him apart. First, he takes time to really get to know his clients and helps them think about what they want in their next opportunity and life. Second, he helps his clients develop an authentic and high-impact personal brand. He is fairly relentless in pushing his clients to get to the essence of what drives them and their success. Third, he helps clients to develop an elevator pitch to clearly and concisely communicate: This is who I am; This is what I do; This is what I can do for you. Throughout the process, he thoroughly prepares his clients for telephone and in-person interviews. Most importantly, he works with clients to ensure a successful onboarding experience–in 100 days, established, connected, and productive. – Eric F., VP of Sales

Bill and I began working together last year as I contemplated a career change after several years at the same firm. He brings a depth of experience to the executive coaching role and helped me clarify the main satisfaction drivers that would drive my search. His process starts at the ground level of getting to know yourself better and what you want to obtain from your career and personal life. Bill is also well-connected in the Denver area and can help accelerate your networking to valuable contacts. Even after our formal relationship ended, Bill has been a great sounding board for ideas and opportunities. I highly recommend him. – Michael H., Managing Director

I had the pleasure to work with Bill for about 5 months during a difficult work transition period. Bill was easy to talk with and empathetic while also asking great thought-provoking questions. He coached me in several areas, including clarity of vision and purpose, refining my elevator pitch for networking, improving my resume and LinkedIn profile, researching companies, preparing for interviews, and negotiating. Having Bill as a professional coach brought me greater clarity and confidence. I successfully navigated my career challenges and landed a great role that I continue to enjoy today. I strongly recommend Bill to others looking for a professional coach. – Charles S. (MBA), Director Global Excellence

I worked with Bill recently after getting let go by an employer that relocated me to Denver about 3 years ago. Suddenly finding myself needing a new position, and without a strong local network due to the move; working with Bill was a tremendous advantage. Not just in the assignments around networking, researching companies, and finding a new position but in the immediate camaraderie that we developed. Bill takes the time to get to know “YOU.” Not just your experience, credentials, and background. This helps him really gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and to focus on areas to improve. Bill has a very clear-cut process that is easy to follow and really keeps you on track. This is highly beneficial during a time that can be emotionally difficult but entirely solvable. Bill coached me along and helped me understand my own past experience in ways I hadn’t considered before. Even though no longer his client, I consider Bill more than just a part of my network. He is a trusted advisor to whom I feel comfortable reaching out to at any time. – Terry S., Project Manager

I signed up with Bill as my coach when I was in between jobs and trying to figure out what to do next. I had never been a job hopper, and at the stage I was at in my career, I didn’t want to make a mistake and join the wrong company and waste precious time. In retrospect signing up with Bill was the best thing I ever did to enhance my career and my personal brand. Bill’s coaching style is easy-going yet very insightful. He cuts through all of the noise that is going on in your head and can get you to focus on the critical areas of positioning yourself and the key criteria of what you are looking for in your next role and company. He is non-judgmental and asks the types of questions that really cut to the heart of the matter and make you think deeply about the answer. Although I considered myself a very good salesperson, I found through Bill’s coaching a crisp and clear description of who I was, what it is I do, and what I stand for that I could use as my pitch about me. I put this to great use in the interviews I had by taking control of the interview and making sure that I covered the points and messages that I felt were most important. Bill’s help was also invaluable in revising my resume and LinkedIn profile to maximize how I presented myself. Bill was the first executive coach I ever used, and the experience totally sold me on the value and importance of coaching for anyone who wants to enhance their career and life. – Tony C., VP Global Sales