Our Business

Strategic Customer Solutions LLC (SCSROX) provides coaching and advisory services to individuals looking to make a significant change in their lives and how they generate income.  Our services are based on a comprehensive individual assessment and collaboratively working with each person to create a compelling personal brand, highly effective transition strategies, and marketing skills

What I do

I work with executives, senior professionals, and early career individuals to make the next step in their careers.  I help them recognize their purpose in life and what they love to do.  I have a process to create a marketing engine, enhance networking and interviewing skills and assist them in identifying companies where they fit best.  You have achieved continuous career growth, and now it’s time to take the next step.



The SCSROX methodology rests on a personal and objective evaluation of your current situation after which a customized program is designed to achieve your goals using multiple strategies, documented plan of action and weekly coaching meetings.  All documentation and work product are available via the SCSROX coaching portal; a secure document storage site hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint Sites.

The ExecutiveConnect methodology is based on a personal and objective assessment of your current situation, and a customized program will be designed to achieve your goals using proven strategies, a documented plan of action and weekly coaching meetings.  All documentation and work product is available via the coaching portal, which is a secure document storage site hosted on Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint Sites.


  • SCSROX portal training
  • Assessment (skills, talents, strengths, weaknesses, communication style)
  • Define program goals
  • Gap analysis
  • Create the transition plan
  • Develop personal brand
  • Determine an effective strategy
  • Create  the action plan
  • Interview preparation and rehearsal
  • Interview closing tactics
  • Negotiate the offer
  • Create a 100-day onboarding plan
  • DONE – established, connected and productive


BizConnect is designed for professionals with significant life experience that desire to help others achieve their personal, business, career, or life objectives.  Typically these are highly successful people that want to be a Trusted Advisor.

This program is designed to help individuals create a solo-practitioner business and includes the following elements:

  • Create the business entity
  • Develop a brand
  • Create the business plan
    • Business Development and Marketing Plan
      • pricing
      • promotion
      • public relations
    • Financial Plan
    • Service delivery model
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • Information System requirements
  • Create the launch plan


Do you have a big job interview coming up? We can prepare you to be more confident, ready for any interviewer style, and equipped to ask insightful questions about the job and the company. Outperforming your competition in a job interview is essential to getting the offer. We can help you to be at your absolute best! Being prepared by researching the company, the interviewers and making sure you can articulate your value proposition, clearly and concisely while displaying authenticity and credibility are crucial for advancing your career


What I do differently from most if not all resume writers is to identify and make clear the skills, talents, and motivations that drive your success. I tie it all together by crafting a resume that tells a story of your career journey and highlights your most significant accomplishments. The resume is slanted toward where you are going with your career vs. where you have been. My offerings include:

Base Branding Package
• Myers Briggs testing
• Career planning document
• Personal purpose tagline
• Value proposition document
• Professional resume rewrite
• Life goals assessment
• Job-search goal statement

Optional services
LinkedIn update
• Recruiter friendly
• Search Engine Optimized
• Call to action statement

Cover letter template

Elevator pitch
Authentically create clear and concise statements for networking and interviews
• This is who I am personally, professionally
• This is what I do professionally
• This is what I am looking for in my next position
• This is what I can do for you

Next Steps…

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